Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

So the window for overnight mail has passed and you are wondering WHAT DO I DO for Mother's Day?

Here are some ideas:

-Plant an Amaryllis bulb in stones or water. Choose an attractive vase that will outlast the flower. Go the extra mile and refill the vase with fresh flowers once it is empty.

-Still live with mom? Or maybe the mom is your house is also your wife? Then make cinnamon rolls for her and let the aroma wake her after she has slept in late. This gift will be even more precious if you involve the kids in the creation. If you are a cook then you know what to do-otherwise, go for the grocery store Pillsbury style rolls. Easy and the icing is in the can.

-Find a neighborhood spa or massage therapist. This is a two part gift. Part one is to buy a gift certificate for time or a particular service. Part two is to make sure that she actually goes. This might mean that you watch the kids/do the chores so that she goes. Better yet- driver her to the appointment and treat yourself.

-Give her your time. That is the best gift. Time at her house. Time at brunch. Time to put the screens in for summer. You know what she needs and you (may) have dodged the chores all weekend.

The folks at Sci-Fi Tech have ten more but the clock may have run out on some of these fine ideas.

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