Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gift of Survival Gear

Here in California we are constantly reminded of the need to prepare for earthquakes, floods, fires...let's just say that we aren't as prepared as we should be.

Adventure Medical makes high quality first aid and survival gear. Here are some highlights:

Pocket Survival Pak- small enough for purse, backpack or glove compartment, this small kit provides the basics needed to help you in staying found and remaining comfortable.

Heatsheet Survival Blanket is the perfect complement to the Survival Pak. This durable blanket reflects the wearer's body heat inward reducing the risk of injury due to exposure.

REI offers the Lifeline Two Person Survival Kit- provides relief for two people in an emergency situation with its first adi items, warmth and safety supplies, plus food and water.

If you want to create your own gift of survival here are some resources to help your get started:

California Office of Emergency Services Emergency Checklist

That's right folks - you need to be ready to take care of yourself and those around you for a minimum of three days. This gift idea is appropriate for families, young folks, college students, seniors and active retirees.

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