Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stocking Stuffers: Emergency Cell Phone Chargers

You know them. It's that special person who never manages to charge their cell phone. Every conversation is punctuated with the warning beeps of a dying battery. Here are two products that come to their rescue:

Energizers's Energi-To (their spelling, not mine) uses two disposable batteries to give your phone a three to six hour charge. Your mileage may vary. The packaging is clearly labeled by phone type and allows you to match connectors with phone. You just have to steal your loved-one's phone and take it to the store. Learn more here.

The Sidewinder Cell Phone Charger is best placed in the glove compartment or emergency kit for just that: emergencies. Connect to your phone and crank for a couple of minutes and you will have a charge time measured in minutes. While it doesn't offer the long duration of the Energizer product this could be invaluable if your car is dead, power and phones or out, etc. and you need to make a quick call for help.

Either way, you are offering someone protection against on of the annoyances of 21st century life. Choose the right connector and your cell phone (over)user will get a charge out of this gift. Sorry.

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