Sunday, December 03, 2006

Self-portrait tripod from

The folks at have an interesting new twist on the traditional tripod. If you like what you seen you must make your purchase by December 8th to get their special gizmodo deal.
I have three on order.

The Quikpod extends your arm so that you can take natural looking self-portraits capturing your forehead. The special deal give your $4.95 off the Pro Kit that converts your Quikpod into a standard tripod. All this for $25 plu shipping.

To get the special deal visit and search for gizmodo or follow this link:

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Michael said...

Now much time has elapsed since this offer was posted and I guess this cant be availed anymore. Nevertheless it would be worthwhile for me to know about places where I can manage to transfer Photos to canvas this is something both me and wife would dearly love to see. Any comments on these?