Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kid Friendly Digital Camera - Tough, Great Product

My three year old received a Fisher Price Digital Camera for his birthday last week. The reviews on this product gave high ratings so we thought it was worth a shot. The results have been wonderful.

But let's talk about the camera first. Available in blue or pink, the camera is housed in a rubberized, two grip body. The knobby grips reduce accidental dropping. Of course, Tyler dropped his on purpose with no apparent harm (your results may vary). With only five buttons to choose from he quickly put the camera to work with almost no instruction from me.

You can tell that Fisher-Price devoted energy into the design of this camera. The binoncular viewfinder allows kids to keep both eyes open when they take the shot. A small LCD screen on the back can be used to frame the photo but it lacks resolution.

Quality of images: fine for 4x6 photos. Bright sun leads to overexposure but otherwise the exposure is good. Flash fires automatically and the delay between photos is reasonable.

The camera held about 60 photos in its built-in memory. If this isn't enough then you can add an SD card and let your little Ansel Adams capture as many images as they desire.
Online retailers are already indicated low stock on this camera - for less than $70 it makes sense. Amazon and Walmart have it in stock -act fast.

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