Sunday, November 26, 2006

Digital Camera Buying #1

My 3 year old received a digital camera for his birthday. Excessive? Hardly. This just shows how far cameras have come - the technology is cheap enough to sell in a format friendly for toddlers at around $60. This Fisher-Price Kid Camera fits the bill perfectly.

There is another, more useful lesson in buying a digital camera: buy the camera that suits your needs. The best camera for a three year old can be dropped, thrown and has color coded buttons.

If you are giving a camera as a gift think about the needs of the recipient. Is this their first digital camera? Do they love technology or are they confused by the buttons on a blender? Do they take pictures of wildlife or your wild family? Thinking about HOW this person will use the camera will lead you to make a good choice.

Get started by reading my Digital Camera Buying Guide.

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