Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fill a flash drive part 2 - mix tape revisited

If you are of a certain age you will no doubt remember the importance of the mix tape. Like sharing a playlist but requiring more effort and care. Don't get the importance of a mix? Watch "High Fidelity".

Take the mix tape idea and bring it into the 21st century with Microsoft Photo Story. This free download allows you to easily create a photo slideshow complete with transitions, the Ken Burns effect and the audio track of your choice. The final version plays in Media Player.

Make a slideshow for grandma, mom or (as most inspired mix tapes were made) for the object of your affection. Add images from when you first met, first dates or images that will make your soon-to-be sig other happy.

The delivery: copy the final draft of the slideshow onto a quality flash drive (Sandisk is good) and give a gift that is unique and lasting.

Get the free download right here.

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