Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gifts for mom that don't make her feel like a mom

Let's face it- there are times where not every mom wants to feel like MOM. She wants to shed the on-the-go, supportive, "Here let me wipe your face" persona just for a bit. ( I know that this can apply to dads, too - just work with me).

This means that your gift to her should have nothing to do with the kids. She still loves them but will relish mental (and maybe physical) time apart from the little darlings.

The List:
1) Full on treatment at a day spa. Go with her or send her solo.
2) The gift of time - you will watch her kids while she revisits life before children.
3) Housecleaning: step 1- get her out of the house. Step 2- get someone to clean the house and have dinner waiting when she returns.
4) Cooking class for two - learn together and then YOU cook for her. She sits back and drinks wine.
5) Visit your local spa/beauty supply/CostPlus and create a spa kit for her. Fill a basket with lotions, bath salts, loufa, bathtub pillow, etc. Include a custom made DO NOT DISTURB sign for the bathrooom door. Mom will hang it while enjoying your gift. Kids stay out.

More ideas? Toss them in the comments section.

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sfbaby said...

Bought a cool top for my sister who has two kids to remind her if who she is when looking into the mirror. The "sayings" are actually backwards and uplifting and spirited. It is from Mirror Me,