Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wildly Popular Remote Control Airplane for $30 - order RIGHT now

Trust me - if you already think this is a good idea don't wait and click here to order from Toys R Us. Or keep reading.

The Spinmaster Aero Ace has developed a cult following online through enthusiastic reviews and a growing YouTube presence. The plane is easy to fly and takes a fair amount of abuse. Controls are simple and a flight time of around 10 minutes is great.

I scoured the web and couldn't find it in stock anywhere. Toys R Us has one model in stock right here. Given the attention that they have received some enterprising folks are selling them for over $50 on eBay.

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Arli said...

I'm glad to see that these are selling quite well. I think in order to get the flying enthusiasts out again, and sharing their hobby with others, it has to be affordable and less risky. once they get hooked they will graduate up to bigger and better planes (with more risk) Thanks for your post
Doug Grinnell